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Referral Program

Add Up Your Earnings, Credit, and Discount:

   + Earn Continuing 5% to 10% Profit on Referral of Monthly Bookkeeping Clients 

   + Earn $10 to $75 Credit on Referral of Every Payroll Client

   + Earn 10% Discount for You and 25% Discount for Clients on Referral of Other Services 

Fill Out Registration Form HERE to Receive  Your REFERRAL CODE 

How does it work?

   Step 1: Fill out a simple form, receive a code and give it to potential clients.

   Step 2: When clients contact us for services, we will ask them for the code and match it with your name.

   Step 3: After services are done and clients pay. We will issue checks, or record credit and discount under your name.

Referral Program.PNG

Calculate Your Earnings, Credits and Discount HERE


TM Accounting shall not make any assurance nor give advice regarding profit earners' responsibility to stay in compliance with applicable rules and regulations.

TM Accounting shall adhere to the following rules and regulations regarding advertising: 

   1) AICPA Part 1, Section 600, Paragraph 001 on Advertising and Other Forms of Solicitation: A member in public practice shall not seek to obtain clients by advertising or other forms of solicitation in a manner that is false, misleading, or deceptive. Solicitation by the use of coercion, over-reaching, or harassing conduct is prohibited.

   2) AICPA Part1, Section 520, Paragraph 004 on Commissions and Referral Fees: Referral fees. Any member who accepts a referral fee for recommending or referring any service of a CPA to any person or entity or who pays a referral fee to obtain a client shall disclose such acceptance or payment to the client.

   3) AICPA Part 1.520.080 Disclosure of Commissions and Referral Fees .01 The member should make the disclosures required by paragraphs .03 and .04 of the “Commissions and Referral Fees Rule” [1.520.001] in writing

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